Welcome to our Webinars Page. Enjoy informative presentations on the use of our LENS and Aerosol Jet technology.

Archived Webinars Available for Download

Aerosol Jet Fine Feature Printed Electronics 3D Semiconductor Packaging Solution (2011)
Presentation given at IDTECHEx Printed Electronics conference in Dusseldorf, Germany on how Aerosol Jet is being used to print 3D conformal interconnects for stacked die applications. Duration 22 Mins.

Accelerating R&D of Novel Alloys & Metallic Devices with LENSĀ® (April 2008)
Dr. Brent Stucker and Dr. Richard Grylls present application examples on how Laser Engineered Net Shaping (LENS) technology is used today to accelerate development of new alloys and devices. Duration 57 Mins.

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