Material Suppliers

Material Suppliers2017-07-25T22:31:17+00:00
The table below represents a growing list of materials that have been successfully deposited using Aerosol Jet systems. Please contact our sales team to discuss your specific Aerosol Jet material deposition interest.

Material Suppliers




Applied Nanotech Conductor Ag, Cu, Ni
Asahi Resistor PIMEL Polyimide
Resist Sunfort Film Resist
BASF Dielectric / Adhesive Luvitec PVP
Brewer Science SWCNT Conductor CNTRENE Carbon Nanotubes
Clariant Conductor Ag
Dow Chemical Etch Chemicals Enlight
DuPont Dielectric / Adhesive Resin (Teflon AF), Aqueous (Teflon)
Conductor Ag
Heraeus Conductor PEDOT:PSS
Henkel Dielectric / Adhesive Loctite 3492, Ablestik
Resistor Acheson M-2031-Pol (Polyimide)
Conductor Ag
Inktec Conductor Ag
Intrinsiq Conductor Cu
Gersteltec Dielectric / Adhesive SU-8 GM1010
Norland Products Dielectric / Adhesive Optical Adhesive 65
Novacentrix Conductor Ag
Sigma-Aldrich Dielectric / Adhesive Polyimide
Summers Optical Dielectric / Adhesive Polyimer
SUN Chemical Dielectric / Adhesive 97B Optically Clear Dielectric
Conductor Ag
UT Dots Au Conductor UTDAg (silver), UTDAu (gold)
Xerox Conductor Ag