Optomec Aerosol Jet Printer Featured in The Economist “Print Me a Phone” Article

Optomec Aerosol Jet Printer Featured in The Economist “Print Me a Phone” Article

2017-07-25T22:31:30+00:00July 28th, 2012|

By: Ken Vartanian, Vice President of Marketing


On July 28, 2012, The Economist published an article entitled “Print Me a Phone – New techniques to Embed Electronics into Products”. The article discussed how the Optomec patented Aerosol Jet printer can be used to incorporate electronics directly on or inside the structural material that a product is made from, such as the wing of an aircraft or the casing of a cell phone. The article goes on to discuss how Aerosol Jet technology when combined with 3D Printers, which are used to additively manufacture plastic or metal structures, will make it possible to print an entire product in a single machine, instead of assembling an item from many separate components made on many different systems.

Today, the Aerosol Jet Printer can already be applied at individual stages of existing mass-production processes, such as printing sensors and antennae onto mobile devices. David Ramahi, Optomec President/CEO states “The Economist is a prominent international publication and Optomec is honored that they chose to feature Aerosol Jet printing in their recent edition. The unique ability of Aerosol Jet systems to print electronics directly onto 3D surfaces makes it an ideal solution for reducing the size and weight of consumer electronics, as well as many specialty products. Printing electronic components and circuitry directly on or inside the physical shell of a product eliminates the need for separate printed circuit boards and cabling thereby enabling further miniaturization, and simplifying manufacturing, assembly and logistics processes. Mass production applications of this solution are less than a year away.” Click here to read the full Economist article.