Optomec Users Collaborate on Latest Advancements in Printed Electronics

Optomec Users Collaborate on Latest Advancements in Printed Electronics

2017-07-25T22:31:30+00:00October 1st, 2012|

By Mike O’Reilly, Director Product Commercialization – Aerosol Jet Technology


In the fall of 2012, Sirris, the Collective Centre for the Belgian Technology Industry, hosted two conferences on Printed Electronics at their facility in Liege, Belgium. The first conferenced called “Micro-Printing Day” provided attendees with latest developments in printed electronics presented by scientists from Fraunhofer, Sirris, and Optomec on topics including printed conformal sensors, MEMS packaging, and bio-fabrication. Micro-Printing Day attendees also participated in round table discussions and printed electronic demonstrations using Optomec Aerosol Jet Printers. The second conference hosted at Sirris, the International Aerosol Jet Users Group Meeting, was attended by Optomec system owners representing marquee industrial academic, and government organizations. User presentation topics included Multilayered Devices and Hybrid Circuits, Metallization and Functional Structures by Aerosol Jet Deposition, Direct Deposition of Surface Acoustic Wave Sensors by Aerosol Jet Printing, Aerosol Jet Printing at the Centre for Process Innovation, 3D Functional Printing with Aerosol Jet, and more.

Earlier in the year, Optomec held the USA Aerosol Jet Group meeting at our new Advanced Applications Lab and New Product Development Center in St. Paul, Minnesota. The meeting was well attended with Aerosol Jet industrial customers representing Aviation Electronic Systems, Consumer Electronics, Wireless Communications, Materials Development, Semiconductor Packaging, Aerospace and Defense, Flat Panel Display, Structural Health Monitoring, and Medical Device sectors. In addition, customers from a number of government agencies and US and Canadian universities were in attendance. Dave Ramahi, President and CEO of Optomec stated that “User Group Meetings provide a collaborative venue for sharing detailed information on how Aerosol Jet systems are being leveraged in new and innovative ways by different industries. This valuable interchange of ideas enables our customers to derive additional benefits from their investment in Optomec solutions.”