Aerosol Jet 200 Series Systems 2018-04-02T01:57:56+00:00

Aerosol Jet 200 Series Systems

Specially optimized for R&D and learning environments.


Optional Features

  • One Pneumatic Atomizer with heater/stirrer
  • Swappable Wide Feature Head with Shutter
  • Manual Tilt for Fine Feature Head

Standard Features

  • Work area 175mm x 200mm
  • Motion Repeatability Accuracy +/-5 Microns
  • One Ultrasonic Atomizer
  • Fine Feature Head with Shutter
  • Heated Vacuum Platen
  • System and Process Control Software
  • Tool Path Generation Software


Aerosol Jet 200 series systems provide a professional grade, compact benchtop print solution specifically developed for printing electronics. Example applications for the Aerosol Jet 200 Series include:

  • Curriculum development and delivery
  • Development of new inks and other materials
  • Print process development
  • New product development
  • Advanced biologics R&D

Print Capabilities

  • Fine Feature sizes to 10um
  • Optional Wide Feature Print Head supporting mm feature sizes
  • Thin layer deposits from 100nm
  • Many inks and substrates
  • Ink viscosity range from 1-7 cP (Standard)
  • Ink viscosity range from 1-1000 cP (with optional Pneumatic Atomizer)
  • Planar and Non-Planar Capabilities