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The Aerosol Jet HD System

Targeting advanced packaging and assembly applications.

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The Aerosol Jet HD Series of in-line digital dispense systems, with its compact design and seamless fit in today’s production lines, brings digital dispensing to a whole new level. The Aerosol Jet HD System is a compact, configurable production platform that can dispense a wide range of electronics materials with features as small as 20 microns. The system can also produce larger features, from 100’s of microns to millimeters, and print wide-area conformal coatings from 100 nanometers to 10’s of microns in thickness.

Standard Features

  • Available in 20um, 50um and 100um configurations
  • Configurable conveyor stations
  • Body recognition function
  • Optional in-situ laser curing
  • Optional in-situ uv curing
  • Aerosol jet process recipes


  • Can produce high-resolution adhesive pads with features as small as 25-micron
  • Direct printing of conformal 3D interconnects
  • Ability to print fine features with high viscosity inks
  • High-resolution printing of a wide range of common non-conductive electronics materials
  • Precision conformal coatings on non-planar surfaces


  • Printed 3D interconnects and RDLs
  • Component and die attach
  • Printed dielectrics, insulators and adhesives
  • MEMS bonding and insulative overcoats
  • Chip and board level shielding applications

Additional Benefits