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Aerosol Jet Videos

Printing 3D interconnects on stacked die

Aerosol Jet 5X system printing on a golf ball

 Aerosol Jet 3D Printed Electronics System


Printed drone wing with printed conformal electronics


High volume production printing of 3D antennas


Printing of dual loop antenna


Aerosol Jet process animation


6 Axis printing on a dome (courtesy of Neotech Services)


Stratasys and Optomec on fully printed smart structures


Printed resistors

LENS Videos

LENS 3D hybrid


LENS building graded material structure (courtesy of Military University of Poland)


LENS building a femur


LENS 850-R system overview


LENS 450 system overview


LENS process animation


LENS component repair


LENS deep repair head


LENS repairing a shaft (courtesy of a customer)


Hybrid LENS 3D Printer with Fadal Vertical Mill building and finishing a keyway on a shaft